Founded in Cyprus by Father and Son Demetris and George Vlachos, Mad For Watches is the ultimate expression of passion to the watch, by two watch connoisseurs and collectors. A passion that gave birth to an idea  captured in Mad For Watches.

Time moves forward and so should the wristwatch follow. Mad for Watches is a new age, source of modern, radical watches with emphasis on design, value and innovation.

A watch represents more than just a functional mechanism to tell time. The watch is a unique form of art, design and personal expression.

We truly are Mad About Watches and we are happy to share this madness with all you watch lovers out there. 

So next time you take a look at your wrist, spare a few seconds to admire your little horological machine ticking away, smile and finally admit it to yourself… yes I am “MAD FOR WATCHES” don’t worry we won't judge!